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Bradley Impact Fund Blog

Signs of a Shift in Government’s Role

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the most significant piece of federal tax reform legislation in thirty years. It is a step in the right direction. It’s a visible sign of more subtle shifts in perceptions of the role government plays—or should not play—in our lives. It’s a signal for committed conservatives to think strategically about the role we can play in preserving American constitutional liberties and ideals.

During our recent strategic planning process at The Bradley Foundation, we identified four core giving areas that we believe will strengthen our country: free markets, constitutional order, a strong civil society, and engaged, informed citizens. Our nation’s prosperity and future depend on strong giving in each of these areas. At the same time, support in one area can often elevate another. It is when these core giving areas intersect that we believe our funds can have greatest impact.

We also have opportunities to continue rolling back the administrative state. As that is accomplished, the way is cleared for communities, nonprofits, and citizens to do more to restore, strengthen, and protect American values and freedom. Bradley Impact Fund donors have supported hundreds of nonprofits, including ones like The Alma Center and Running Rebels Community Organization, that help people revitalize their neighborhoods and communities through entrepreneurship, shared arts and culture, and respect for both self-reliance and mutual aid.

We’re making progress, and together we can do more. The Sherman Phoenix project highlighted in our Impact Brief is just one example.  Please be sure to peruse the 2018 Tax Day issue, which also contains a guest column by Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley. We hope you enjoy!