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What Will It Take to Change Our Country’s Deficient Status Quo?

Driving back after last month’s Bradley Impact Conference in Lake Geneva, I was struck by the conviction and commitment our panelists and keynote speakers bring to their work each and every day. They are disruptors, seeking opportunities to change America’s status quo with entrepreneurial solutions that challenge domination, indifference, and often, despair. As conservatives, we are at a crossroads in this fight for our country’s future. Will we have the same commitment as our speakers to stand for the conservative principles and values in which we believe?

Watch this short video which gives highlights of the conference and celebrates the commitment we share to finding and supporting solutions that advance American principles now and for the future.

BIC Celebration_1080-1

If the engagement and deep commitment of Impact Conference attendees are an indicator, then we have strong reason to hope. Many of you in our passionate donor community already actively seek and support leaders like those at the Conference who are innovating to change American media, culture, and education. It is our hope that you came away with ideas and strategies for being a disruptor through your giving. The Fall 2019 issue of the Bradley Impact Brief is filled with more of the knowledge we surfaced at the Conference. Read the Fall 2019 issue here, and don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.

Something else became very clear at the Conference: A donor-advised fund (DAF) with personal advisory services and a strong donor community like we have at the Bradley Impact Fund can be a critical element for making disruptive philanthropy happen. The simplicity of DAF giving and its tax advantages are certainly a win, but there’s even greater value in the insights gained about how to plan your giving to make the impact you as a philanthropist hope to achieve.

As you consider your year-end giving, let’s make these insights a conversation we have in person or over the phone. Committed, informed donors like you are vital to our country’s future. The Bradley Impact Fund stands ready to help you become the disruptor you’d like to be.