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Get a Unique Blend of Benefits with the Bradley Impact Fund

The Bradley Foundation is the first private foundation in the country affiliated with a donor-advised fund.


Launch a Powerful Legacy

As part of the fastest-growing category in charitable giving, the donor-advised Bradley Impact Fund provides you with essential benefits:

  • Tax Benefits – Gifts deliver an immediate income tax deduction in the year of the contribution and potential reduction of AMT, making year-end giving simple. Contributions to the Fund can appreciate tax-free. Donor-advised funds are not subject to estate tax or capital gains tax when gifted as an appreciated asset.
  • Investment Options –Selecting an investment offering is a highly personal choice. Many different factors may impact a donor’s decision, including their donor intent, the time horizon, risk tolerance, and how quickly a donor plans to make grants. The Bradley Impact Fund offers four investment options to Personal Giving Account holders:

    •    Short Duration Model: Emphasizes preservation of capital to meet possible withdrawal needs and protection of principal over a period from several months to an interest rate cycle.

    •    Moderate Income Model: Emphasizes current income with minimal consideration for capital appreciation and usually has less exposure to more volatile growth assets.

    •    Growth & Income Model: Emphasizes a blend of current income and capital appreciation and usually has some exposure to more volatile growth assets.

    •     Aggressive Growth Model: Emphasizes capital appreciation with minimal consideration for current income and usually has significant exposure to more volatile growth assets.

    Accounts of $1 million or more may recommend an independent investment advisor, subject to the Bradley Impact Fund’s review and approval.
  • Legacy-Building and Planned Giving – By appointing successor advisors, you establish a charitable legacy for your family. Or, direct a transfer of your account to the Bradley Impact Fund at your passing, ensuring the ongoing support of conservative organizations aligned with your donor intent. You may also direct distribution of assets to charitable organizations within your lifetime or beyond.
  • Acceptance of Complex Assets – You can easily transfer wealth into your personal account by contributing real estate, appreciated securities, closely-held business assets, and other illiquid assets such as art and collectibles.
  • Control and Privacy – Support your interests with anonymity, and avoid direct solicitations from grantee organizations. You determine your level of involvement with grantee organizations and the means of communication.
  • Streamlined Management – Rely on the convenience and security of our online, self-service donor portal for 24/7/365 access to your account. Use the Donor Portal to manage contributions, research charitable organizations, recommend grants, view investment pool performance, access and track your contribution and grant history, and more. Hands-on client service support is always available when needed.

You also earn all the advantages of our alignment with one of the nation’s largest conservative private foundations.The Bradley Impact Fund offers strategic, coordinated philanthropic investing for donors who care about maximizing their charitable dollars.