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Free Markets

Free Markets

A prosperous economy improves the prospects for a good life for all citizens.

Tax Foundation

Tax Foundation

Location: Washington, DC

Reach: United States of America

Bradley Area of Impact: Free Markets

Website: www.taxfoundation.org

Contact information:

1325 G Street NW, Suite 950

Washington, DC  20005



Tax Foundation LogoMission

The Tax Foundation’s mission is to lead the tax reform debate toward smarter, simpler policy.


Providing Data, Analysis and Insight on Taxes in America

The Tax Foundation’s vision is a world where the tax code doesn’t stand in the way of success. Since 1937, this national tax policy research organization has delivered accurate analysis and reporting on the impact of federal income, state, and business taxes on individuals, families, and the economy. From the Foundation’s perspective, an ideal tax code follows the principles of sound policy - simplicity, neutrality, transparency, and stability. It educates citizens, lawmakers and the media on tax reform.

With Bradley support for general operations, some major Tax Foundation activities include:

  • Development of tools such as the State Business Tax Climate Index, the lnternational Tax Competitive lndex, and the Tax and Growth Dynamic Scoring model (TAG) for analyzing the economic consequences of tax proposals
  • Modeling services to inform debate on tax reform best positioned to support economic growth
  • Hosting monthly State Tax Working Group meetings for government, civic, and trade association representatives from all 50 states
  • Tax Foundation University, a summer mentoring program for congressional staffers
  • Timely data on basic tax data updated in the Foundation’s weekly tax maps
  • Outreach through media interviews, its website, email newsletter, mobile apps and social media

The Tax Foundation is well-known for Tax Freedom Day, the annual calculation of the day Americans will have earned enough to pay off their taxes for the year.

Tax Foundation

The Tax Foundation’s Tax Reform Calculator helps American see how tax reform will impact their personal finances.