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The Bradley Impact Fund is a donor-advised fund philanthropic investors choose to ensure America remains a land of freedom, equality, and opportunity now and for future generations.

A Dynamic Community United in Principles & Purpose.


Our Mission: The Bradley Impact Fund is a donor-advised fund with a mission to serve as philanthropic advisors who educate, empower, and inspire donors to advance our common principles through high-impact giving and the protection of donor intent.

Our Vision: The Bradley Impact Fund envisions a robust, national community of informed donors and partners who support and fund organizations that restore, strengthen, and protect America’s founding principles and institutions.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Constitutional Order - Fidelity to the Constitution, with its principles of limited government, federalism, separation of powers, and individual liberties.

  • Free Markets - Commitment to free markets that allow for private enterprise, entrepreneurship, and voluntary exchange within the rule of law.

  • Civil Society - Commitment to the fundamental institutions of civil society that cultivate individuals capable of self-governance.

  • Informed Citizens - Dedication to the formation of informed and capable citizens.

  • Donor Intent - Protection of donor intent.

We are aligned with and inspired by  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation’s mission to restore, strengthen, and protect the principles and institutions of American exceptionalism. The Foundation’s 30 years of philanthropic expertise and vetted portfolio of nonprofit organizations are resources available to our dynamic community.

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Connect to bright minds, smart ideas and thoughtful implementation.

Donor Q&A With Keith Mardak & Mary Vandenberg

With a vision of becoming the best urban Christian school in America, St. Marcus Lutheran School serves more than 1,100 students at its three campuses on Milwaukee’s north side. To support the growth and operations of the school, St. Marcus is conducting a comprehensive campaign, Courage to...

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Grant Recipient Spotlight: Student Free Press Association

The Student Free Press Association (SFPA) tells stories, spots talent, and launches careers in journalism. Through its news website, The College Fix, SFPA mentors and publishes college-aged writers, exposing the progressive monoculture in higher education and improving journalism nationwide.


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Interview with Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation President Andrew Bremberg

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is an educational, research, and human rights organization devoted to commemorating the more than 100 million victims of communism and to pursuing the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes. Located two blocks from the White House in...

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Grant Recipient Spotlight: Tax Foundation

The Tax Foundation is the nation’s leading independent tax policy organization. For over 85 years, their goal has been to improve lives through tax policies that lead to greater economic growth and opportunity.

"I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take,” Treasury...

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What our donors say

Nonprofits changing Milwaukee’s status quo are successful because they align the interests of families, neighborhoods and donors.

They’re uniting people in their investment in a shared outcome, and the relationships they’re building are real.

John Beagle

The Bradley Impact Fund, with its commitment to American principles, is well-aligned with my own ideals.

Recognizing the importance of public policy dialogue to human creativity in a free market economy is essential.

Sylvie Légère Ricketts

I can conveniently support the causes I care about through the Impact Fund. I’m also continually learning about policy solutions and high-impact nonprofit organizations helping people engage in the American Dream through effort, education, and opportunity.

Ron Krizek

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