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Flexible Giving 
Options That Fit You

Bradley Impact Fund choices make
your philanthropy simple, yet effective.


Make a Donation

With no minimum donation required, your charitable contribution supports a wide array of well-vetted non-profit organizations committed to advancing conservative values locally and across America. Learn more about each of these high-impact  philanthropic investment funds, and give now to help restore, strengthen and protect the principles and institutions of American exceptionalism. 

Or, contact us to open a Personal Giving Account with a minimum $5,000 gift to advance longer-term, more personalized giving goals. With limited paperwork, secure online account access, and guidance from our professional staff, becoming a Bradley Impact Fund donor is simple.

Don’t Miss These Year-end Deadlines

For Personal Giving Account holders, to ensure processing by year end, grant recommendations must be submitted by December 21.

For tax purposes, contributions to any of our philanthropic investment funds, as well as contributions to open Personal Giving Accounts will count toward 2018, if made on or before December 31, with the following considerations:

  • Contributions via check must be postmarked by December 31.
  • Contributions via credit card must be received by 11:59 p.m., CST, December 31.
  • The Bradley Impact Fund also accepts most any type of asset, including non-cash gifts like appreciated securities, business interests, and real estate. Gifts like these can take longer to process and accept than cash or checks, so be sure to get started as early as possible, included here is a printable PDF with guidelines to help you to complete your gifts on time.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at (414) 291-2500.