Flexible Giving
Options That Fit You 

Bradley Impact Fund choices make
your philanthropy simple, yet effective.


Personalize Your Giving

The Bradley Impact Fund offers you several options for giving. Make an immediate impact by supporting the Bradley Partnership Fund and/or Bradley Issue Funds, with no minimum donation required. Contributions support a wide array of well-vetted organizations committed to advancing conservative values locally and across America.

You can also open a Personal Giving Account with a minimum $5,000 donation. This approach is an excellent platform for your longer-term, more personalized giving goals. With each option, the Bradley Impact Fund helps conservative donors advance American values through investment in public policy ideas, advocacy and implementation.

Ways to Give

  • Personal Giving Account - A Personal Giving Account empowers you to maximize philanthropic flexibility, convenience and tax advantages. Serving much like a philanthropic savings account, donors make grants to local nonprofits, including organizations you have supported in the past, subject to Bradley Impact Fund review and approval. This ensures your funds are used most effectively, today and into perpetuity if you so choose.
     A Personal Giving Account requires a minimum initial contribution of $5,000. Donors receive a tax deduction for contributions to a Personal Giving Account in the year of the gift. Contributions of real estate and closely held business interests are generally deductible at fair market value, which may save taxes over comparable contributions to private foundations.
  • Bradley Partnership Fund - Your donation is directed by the Bradley Impact Fund Board of Directors for investment in areas of greatest need and maximum impact within the well-vetted Bradley Foundation grant recipient portfolio. No minimum donation required.
  • Bradley Issue Funds - Direct your donation toward an issue that is significant to you. In each of the four areas of impact, the Bradley Impact Fund works in partnership with Bradley Foundation program staff to continually research and evaluate grantee organizations and projects to ensure your gift makes the greatest impact. No minimum donation required.