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Flexible Giving
Options That Fit You 

Bradley Impact Fund choices make
your philanthropy simple, yet effective.


Personalize Your Giving

The Bradley Impact Fund offers you several options for giving. Make an immediate impact by supporting the Bradley Partnership Fund and/or Bradley Issue Funds, with no minimum donation required. Contributions support a wide array of well-vetted organizations committed to advancing conservative values locally and across America.

You can also open a Personal Giving Account with a minimum $5,000 donation. This approach is an excellent platform for your longer-term, more personalized giving goals. With each option, the Bradley Impact Fund helps conservative donors advance American values through investment in public policy ideas, advocacy and implementation.

Ways to Give

  • Bradley Partnership Fund – Through this fund, your donation is directed by the Bradley Impact Fund Board of Directors for investment in areas of greatest need and maximum impact within the well-vetted Bradley Foundation grant recipient portfolio.
  • Bradley Issue Funds – Grow the impact of your giving by supporting one or more of the four Issue Funds, with no minimum donation required. The Bradley Foundation is actively allocating staff resources and grants in these four areas as well:

    •    The Constitutional Order Fund – This fund is designed to protect individual citizens from an overly-intrusive government by preserving the system our Founders created to govern our country. It promotes understanding of and respect for America’s democratic system and republican institutions, and supports federalism, the rule of law, the nation’s legal system, the electoral process, and the rights and liberties of all individuals outlined in the Bill of Rights, including the freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    •    The Free Markets Fund – This fund promotes the flourishing of the American economy. It accomplishes this task by combating efforts to undermine economic freedom and supporting organizations and projects that conduct research to educate the public and policymakers about the conditions necessary for economic growth and prosperity.

    •    The Civil Society Fund – This fund supports traditional local institutions—families, schools, churches, voluntary organizations, and arts and cultural institutions—which form the basis for America’s strength and vitality, and, by forming a bulwark against government intrusion, preserve a free society.

    •    The Informed Citizens Fund – Recognizing that American values and institutions are a prerequisite for the securing of our liberties, this fund supports educational efforts to give citizens the character, habits, and knowledge needed to succeed in a free society.
  • Personal Giving Account – This service empowers you to maximize philanthropic flexibility, convenience, and tax advantages. Much like a philanthropic savings account, donors make grants to local nonprofits, including organizations you have supported in the past, subject to Bradley Impact Fund review and approval. This ensures your funds are used effectively—both today, and into perpetuity if you so choose. A Personal Giving Account requires a minimum initial contribution of $5,000, and donors receive a tax deduction for contributions in the year of the gift.