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At the Bradley Impact Fund, we’re committed to making your charitable giving simple and convenient. Below is quick access to frequently requested forms and documents, and here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don’t find the member resources you need here or in the Donor Portal, please give us a call at 414-291-2500 or contact us online. Our professional staff is always happy to provide the information and service you need to make the most of your donor-advised account.

Frequently Requested Forms

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Open a Donor-Advised Account

Set up a donor-advised account

Learn about my investment options

Make a Contribution

Understand when a contribution will be credited to my account

Set Up automatic ACH contributions

Make a Contribution

Make a gift of Mutual Funds

Recommend a Grant

Use the Donor Portal

Recommend a Grant

Learn about the Bradley Impact Fund’s grantmaking portfolio

Make a gift to a nonprofit within The Bradley Foundation portfolio

Understand when a nonprofit will receive grant funds

Make Changes to Your Account

Make a change to my investment selection

Make a change to my contact information, successor advisors, or interested parties

Create a Legacy

Understand planned giving with the Bradley Impact Fund

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