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Each December the Bradley Impact Fund shares a Words of Impact essay authored by a public intellectual, policy expert, or grassroots advocate. Enjoy past essays below.
2023 Words of Impact Essay

2023 Words of Impact Essay

Amity Shlaes: The Curse of Bignesss; Economics Über Alles; and Collectivism and Man at Yale, as published in National Review Capital Matters. Read here.

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2022 words of impact


Robert P. George: 
Constitutional Structures and Civic Virtues

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2021 words of impact


August Peters-White:
We are Everything They Say We are,  But So much More

Robert Woodson: 
The Jailer Called Welfare

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2020 words of impact


Janice Rogers Brown: 
The Wisdom of Sesame Street or the Madness of Mao

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2019 words of impact


Wilfred M. McClay: 
Thoughts on Land of Hope:  An Invitation to the Great American Story

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2018 word of impact


Allen C Guelzo: 
What is Exceptional about American Exceptionalism?

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