Frequently Asked Questions

The Bradley Impact Fund is a donor-advised fund philanthropic investors choose to ensure America remains a land of freedom, equality, and opportunity now and for future generations.


Why should I join the Bradley Impact Fund’s donor community?

If you are like most generous donors, you receive many requests for money. We offer opportunities for you to connect with conservative thought leaders, grant recipient organizations, and other donors who share your interests and commitments. Expand your knowledge through regular Bradley Impact Fund briefings and an array of events that will help inform your giving and increase your impact. We are the only donor-advised fund in the country affiliated with a private foundation with a track record of successful investments in promoting and advancing conservative principles. Visit our Strategic Philanthropy page for insights on how to best connect what’s in your heart with a thoughtful approach to achieving your giving goals.


I love my family, but I’m not always certain we see eye-to-eye on things. How do I make sure my legacy honors my values?

Consider leaving a legacy gift to the Bradley Impact Fund. Preserving the integrity of your philanthropic vision is one of our highest priorities. We understand the importance of ensuring that your charitable giving supports only those ideas, policies, and organizations that align with your principles and our shared mission, during your lifetime and beyond. Our staff’s regular review of grant recipients and potential grant recipients ensures that organizations you support do not drift from their stated missions.

EXAMPLE: Sam and Teresa have three grown children. They want to include their family in their philanthropy, but they don’t always share the same values. By making a legacy gift to the Bradley Impact Fund, Sam and Teresa can include their family while also gaining a trusted third party to ensure that their giving only supports organizations aligned with their beliefs—during their lifetime and beyond.


How can I keep my giving anonymous?

A significant advantage of a donor-advised fund is that, unlike gifts made through private foundations, the recipients of gifts made through your donor-advised fund are not publicly disclosed. This ensures that you can keep your giving as private as you like.

EXAMPLE: George and Carol live in a progressive community. Their conservative views sometimes put them at odds with their neighbors, and they want to make certain their giving remains anonymous. By giving through a donor-advised account with the Bradley Impact Fund, they ensure that their giving is not publicly disclosed, and their gifts remain private.


I’d like to help my local community by funding grassroots organizations that apply conservative solutions to societal problems. How can I accomplish this?

Contact our professional staff! We look forward to discussing your donor intent and sharing insights gained through local relationships we and The Bradley Foundation have with local, vetted organizations. You can also build knowledge and maximize your local philanthropic impact by engaging with the Impact Fund community of donors, grant recipients, and conservative thought leaders.


How do I access my online account through the donor portal?

This Quick Start Guide provides simple instructions for quick and easy access. Have questions about the donor portal? Please contact Kala Hill at khill@bradleyimpactfund.org or (414) 291-2500.


What account management features can I access through the donor portal?

The donor portal provides convenient, secure 24/7/365 online access to your account, where you can:

  • Manage contributions
  • Research charitable organizations
  • Recommend grants
  • View investment pool performance
  • Access and track your contribution and grant history
  • Update personal information, and more.

Hands-on, personal support is always available! Please contact us at (414) 291-2500.



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