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IMPACT_CIVIL SOCIETY Square-1The Bradley Impact Fund offers a unique suite of philanthropic mutual funds inspired by the grantmaking of The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. These funds are aligned with the guiding principles shared by The Bradley Foundation and the Bradley Impact Fund donor community.

The Civil Society Fund supports organizations that are committed to the fundamental institutions of civil society that cultivate individuals capable of self-governance.

America has thrived because of the exceptional strength and vitality of its traditional, local institutions—families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, voluntary associations, arts and cultural institutions—which cultivate personal character, strengthen community bonds, and encourage genuine citizenship. 

The Bradley Impact Fund believes that these are the institutions most likely to guide behaviors, transform lives, and support a free society that is culturally vibrant and socially cohesive. In keeping with its goal to defend, and reinvigorate institutions of civil society, the Bradley Impact Fund supports organizations and projects that strengthen families; advance arts and culture; encourage self-reliance; promote civil discourse; and exist primarily as voluntary institutions outside of government.

Support the Civil Society Fund

Your donation, of any amount, is combined with support from other like-minded donors and directed to a select number of organizations operating in the Civil Society priority giving area. Grant recipients are selected annually from a pool of deserving organizations within the well-vetted Bradley Foundation’s portfolio to support the innovative ideas and best-in-class programs they offer. 

Give Now to the Civil Society Fund

The following organizations have received support from the Civil Society Fund:

Acts Housing

Bridge Builders

Hudson Institute

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Philanthropy Roundtable

Safe Families for Children Wisconsin

Sherman Phoenix

Talent Market