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Create a Family Tradition of Giving

As a dedicated philanthropist, you know the why of your giving is just as important as the how. A donor-advised fund offers the ideal opportunity to share both with your family and make giving a family activity. The process of contributing to your personal giving account and making grants is a strategic conversation-starter about the reasons you give, and your decision-making about grant recipients.

Here are three ways to start a family tradition of giving with your Bradley Impact Fund Personal Giving Account:

  • Engage family members in giving—allow them to explore and recommend small grants from the account. Talk over their areas of interest and the concept of donor intent. Create a short list of possible grant recipients, and discuss how their grant could make a specific impact.

  • Encourage family members to contribute—anyone can make a gift to an established donor-advised fund. Ask them to contribute in honor of your birthday or a special day. Many young adults today are also interested in contributing birthday or holiday cash gifts they’ve received.

  • Plan for the long term—ground your family’s philanthropy in a long-term context by naming family members as Successor Advisors who will carry on the traditions you establish now far into the future.

It’s never too early to talk with your children and grandchildren about philanthropy. In fact, giving back is often on the minds of today’s teens and young adults. Take advantage of your Personal Giving Account with the Bradley Impact Fund to start a meaningful dialogue today.

Create a Family Tradition of Giving