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Grant Recipient Spotlight: Independent Women’s Forum

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), founded in 1992, is the leading national women’s organization dedicated to developing and advancing policies that are more than just well-intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, opportunity, and well-being.

iwfRight now the very concept of womanhood is under assault. That’s why IWF brought together leading legal minds from the Left and the Right to create the Women’s Bill of Rights, model legislation that defines terms like “female” and “woman” as based in biology and codifies that when safety, privacy, and fairness are implicated, single-sex offerings cannot only be legal but necessary. IWF’s Women’s Bill of Rights was used as the basis for a resolution that was introduced in the House and Senate.

Another of IWF’s top priorities is celebrating women who fight to expand opportunity through its Champion Women Series. Notable leaders featured in the series include Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, Philanthropy Roundtable President Elise Westhoff, and Freedom Education Ambassador Xi Van Fleet. IWF engages in national and state policy through a variety of programs, including the following initiatives.

  • The Center for Economic Opportunity develops and advocates for common-sense policy solutions that expand workplace choice, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity for women everywhere.

  • The Education Freedom Center works to empower parents by expanding educational opportunities and also encourages educational options that focus on academic achievement and create healthy environments for students to learn and thrive.

  • IWF’s Independent Women’s Law Center fights for freedom and opportunity for women and girls. In the courts, before administrative agencies and legislative bodies, and in the court of public opinion, the law center fights against gender ideology and other radical legal theories that deny due process, undermine equal opportunity, and make the government less accountable. IWLC defends the democratic decision-making process and our structural constitution.

With these and other dynamic programs, IWF’s is resetting several narratives, and ensuring more women’s voices are now being heard in Washington, D.C., state capitals, and the public square.