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IMPACT-INFORMED CITIZENS-Square-1The Bradley Impact Fund offers a unique suite of philanthropic mutual funds inspired by the grantmaking of The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. These funds are aligned with the guiding principles shared by The Bradley Foundation and the Bradley Impact Fund donor community.

The Informed Citizens Fund supports organizations that are dedicated to the formation of informed and capable citizens.

Our liberties will endure only insofar as Americans value and uphold the principles and institutions of American exceptionalism. Therefore, we support efforts to encourage the character, habits, and knowledge needed to succeed in a free society, and work to educate citizens as to the principles, restraint, and institutions that are the basis for such freedoms.  

We fund organizations and projects that reform and reimagine systems and institutions of education; support outstanding research, teaching, and scholarship; advance educational freedom for families; encourage vocational training and alternatives to higher education; and promote programs for gifted students.

Support the Informed Citizens Fund

Your donation, of any amount, is combined with support from other like-minded donors and directed to a select number of organizations operating in the Informed Citizens priority giving area. Grant recipients are selected annually from a pool of deserving organizations within the well-vetted Bradley Foundation’s portfolio to support the innovative ideas and best-in-class programs they offer. 

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The following organizations have received support from the Informed Citizens Fund:

American Enterprise Institute

Ashbrook Center
Bill of Rights Institute
California Policy Center

Emergent Order Foundation

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Foundation for Excellence in Higher Education

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
Franklin News Foundation

Hispanics For School Choice

Hmong American Peace Academy

Hoover Institution

Independent Women's Forum

Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles and History
Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School
Kite & Key Media

Manhattan Institute

National Association of Scholars

Real Clear Foundation


Strong Towns

The Fund for American Studies

The Heritage Foundation