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Insights from the Impact Fund: Donor Privacy

Donor Privacy is More Important Now Than Ever

In these highly polarized times, it’s more challenging for donors to support—and celebrate— the values they care about while remaining private with their giving. For some insights, we spoke with Tom McCabe, Chief Executive Officer of the Freedom Foundation, a grant recipient of both The Bradley Foundation and Bradley Impact Fund donor community. As the leader of a conservative nonprofit operating in three liberal West Coast states, Tom has seen firsthand the abuses of freedom that make donor privacy fundamental.

Q: What is the Freedom Foundation’s mission?

Tom: We help workers leave their unions if they wish. We use outreach to tell workers they have this opportunity through social media, email, phone calls, direct mail, and canvassing. The Freedom Foundation also protects workers who do leave who are harassed or abused by union officials.

Q: How has privacy become an issue for your organization and you personally?

Tom: Unions are furious with us because when their members leave, they lose revenue. Since the Janus decision we’ve helped 50,000 workers opt out, which has cost the union at least $40 million per year. We keep our donors’ identities private but we must report our Board of Directors to the IRS. Board members and I have been attacked at our businesses and homes by unions, including protests in front of our homes and offices, and mailers sent to our neighbors and constituents.

Q: Are donors concerned about the issue of privacy in giving?

Tom: They’re very concerned, especially in California where there are government efforts underway to require disclosure of donors’ names.

Q: How do you approach this conversation with donors?

Tom: For donors who are concerned or request extra anonymity, we recommend supporting the Freedom Foundation through a personal giving account with the Bradley Impact Fund. You understand our donors’ needs, and we know and trust they will be treated well by you.

We thank Tom McCabe and the Freedom Foundation for their commitment to this important and difficult work. To learn more about keeping your giving anonymous with the Bradley Impact Fund, let’s start a conversation today.