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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Bradley Impact Legacy SocietyProtecting donor intent is at the core of the Bradley Impact Fund’s mission. The Bradley Impact Legacy Society—which will ensure members’ philanthropic legacy is stewarded as they intend—is the next step toward fulfilling this mission.

Legacy Society members enlist the support of Bradley Impact Fund staff to help steward and safeguard their giving after their passing. The Impact Fund’s vigilance helps give Legacy Society members assurance that their giving will only support those ideas, policies, and organizations that align with their intent and our common principles during their lifetimes and beyond.

Using a donor-advised fund such as the Bradley Impact Fund as part of your estate planning strategy can be a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective option for many donors that offers advantages over traditional bequests.

Why Join the Bradley Impact Legacy Society?

VIGILANCE. Active account monitoring and grant recipient accountability to ensure continued investment quality and mission focus.

FLEXIBILITY. The Impact Fund can facilitate a wide variety of legacy gifts, including bequests, complex assets, as well as charitable lead and remainder trusts.

INTENT. Appoint successor advisors while ensuring that safeguards and accountability measures are in place to honor your intent.

PRIVACY. Maintain your preferred level of anonymity with your giving.

COMMUNITY. Join fellow Society members for special events, including opportunities to meet speakers and engage with the wider Bradley Impact Fund community.

GRATITUDE. Members receive both a commemorative compass and their names recorded alongside other legacy members in a special display at the Impact Fund’s headquarters.

HONOR. Bradley Impact Fund’s ongoing stewardship will help to ensure that your philanthropic legacy continues strengthening American civil society, as you intended.

Contact us at (414) 291-2500 or for more information about how the Impact Fund can help steward your legacy.