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Designed for Donors Who Care About American Values 

We’re well-positioned to help you advance your
philanthropic intent.


Why Choose the Bradley Impact Fund?

The unique collaboration between The Bradley Foundation and the Bradley Impact Fund gives conservative donors a strategic yet flexible way to advance their charitable giving. You realize:

    1. Dedication to restoring and protecting American values.

      The principles and institutions that characterize American exceptionalism are hard won and easily lost. Today, we face real threats to basic American liberties. The Bradley Impact Fund is dedicated to helping you defend and promote our country’s best ideals and institutions through your philanthropy. We’ll ensure that your charitable dollars will never support groups with a mission that undermines the principles that make America exceptional.

    2. Engagement with a vibrant, well-informed donor community.

      The Bradley Impact Fund cultivates a vibrant donor community inspired to advance our shared mission to preserve American values. We help donors make informed and effective charitable contributions that strengthen America by bringing them closer to the nation’s brightest conservative minds. Donors are encouraged to take advantage of our resources, including the website, regular Impact Briefs, the annual Bradley Impact Conference, and donor events to build their knowledge and connect with conservative thought leaders, grantee organizations and other donors who share their interests and commitment. Every aspect of the Bradley Impact Fund donor experience is designed to facilitate informed, effective, and simple charitable giving.

    3. All the advantages of a private foundation.

      The Bradley Impact Fund, in cooperation with The Bradley Foundation, evaluates potential grantees to ensure donor contributions make the desired impact and uphold donor intent. We invest in individuals and organizations involved in generating policy ideas, fostering public policy debate and advocacy, and leading successful implementation at the state and local levels. Since 1985, The Bradley Foundation has awarded nearly $1 billion in grants to almost 2,000 organizations with track records of success advancing American values. With nearly $900 million available for future strategic philanthropic investments, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue advancing its mission and help Impact Fund donors make the most effective grants possible.

    4. All the competitive advantages of a donor-advised fund.

      As part of the fastest-growing category in charitable giving, the Bradley Impact Fund provides important advantages related to tax benefits, transfer of complex assets and donor privacy. Our donors appreciate the flexibility in investment and grant advisement options as they establish their charitable legacy.

    5. Preservation of your donor intent.

      With a donor-advised Bradley Impact Fund account, you are assured that your charitable gifts will support ideas, policies and organizations well-aligned with your priorities and The Bradley Foundation’s mission during your lifetime and beyond, if you so choose. For families with a range of charitable interests, the Fund is a reliable means to ensure traditional American values are supported as part of a larger philanthropic portfolio.

We invite you to join our growing community of influential like-minded philanthropists today.