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Open your donor-advised account to gain the advantages of a donor-advised fund, professional philanthropic guidance, and unique insights into a portfolio of impactful organizations. With the Bradley Impact Fund, you’re part of a growing community of principled donors.
Bradley Impact Fund Philanthropic Strategy

Now more than ever, we must work together to preserve the American principles and values that will enable today’s citizens and future generations to achieve their American dream. A donor-advised account with the Bradley Impact Fund encourages personalized giving that safeguards your donor intent, today and in the future. You direct your donor-advised account's philanthropic investment into your choice of professionally-managed portfolios based on your pace of giving and your tolerance for risk. Managing your account, making contributions, and directing gifts are all made simple and convenient through our donor portal. Of course, we’re always just a phone call away if you need help or prefer to talk with a member of our professional team.

Advance Your Philanthropic Intent

Preserving the integrity of your philanthropic vision is our highest priority. We’ll help you refine and document your donor intent to ensure your gifts support ideas, policies and organizations that are well-aligned with your priorities. You have the freedom to give in support of your own interests and organizations close to your heart and opportunity to select from a vetted portfolio of grant recipients with a proven track record of impact. And, your charitable giving is on your timeline: Make contributions to your account for immediate tax advantages and distribute gifts at any time.

Bradley Impact Fund American Ideals
Bradley Impact Fund American Ideals

How to Get Started

Open your donor-advised account with the Bradley Impact Fund through our online donor portal or by giving us a call. A minimum $5,000 contribution is required. We’re able to accept credit card transactions as well as stock transfers and other complex assets. From there, we’ll set up a meeting with you, in person or by phone, to discuss your philanthropic goals and how we can support your efforts to reach them.

When it comes to managing the assets in your donor-advised account you’ll have four investment options so you can select the right one for your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. Learn more here, or give us a call to discuss your approach to personalized giving.

Bradley Impact Fund donors have the flexibility to be as active as they wish. Our professional staff can guide you in creating your own strategic approach to thoughtful philanthropy. When it comes time to make a gift, use the donor portal or simply contact our team. With the Bradley Impact Fund, making an impact is that easy. Request a fillable PDF form here and complete your account application to open a donor-advised account today.

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