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A Better Option for Thoughtful Giving

Philanthropy doesn’t have to be complicated to make an impact.


Partners in Philanthropy,
On Your Terms

You give for a reason. Sometimes making that desired impact isn’t so straightforward. At the Bradley Impact Fund, we’re committed to helping you connect the dots between your donor intent, your contributions, and the change you’d like to see.  We’ll take you through the important steps with the level of input and support that’s comfortable for you.

  • Supporting Traditional American Values. The Bradley Impact Fund is a reliable means to ensure traditional American values are supported as part of your larger philanthropic portfolio.
  • Protecting Your Donor Intent. The Bradley Impact Fund’s professional staff will listen to your philanthropic ideas and goals, then work with you to refine and document your donor intent so your charitable giving aligns with your principles and the Bradley Impact Fund’s purpose in your lifetime and beyond.
  • Selecting an Investment Fund. The Bradley Impact Fund enables donors to select from professionally-managed investment fund options. Donors with accounts over $1M may also choose to manage their assets themselves or appoint their own manager.
  • Creating Your Philanthropic Strategy. The Bradley Impact Fund enables donors to be more active and flexible in their giving. The Bradley Impact Fund’s professional staff can guide you in creating your own strategic approach to advancing American values and ideals. As part of this step, you have the option to name successor advisors, including children, other family members, and future generations. You may also name charitable organizations as beneficiaries of your legacy.
  • Choosing Your Grantees. Gain insight into the mission and performance of more than 400 local, regional and national organizations that comprise The Bradley Foundation’s grant recipient portfolio. Rely on the Bradley Impact Fund’s professional guidance to help you choose organizations to fund. Or, support local nonprofits that interest you and are not antithetical to the Impact Fund’s purpose.
  • Engaging in Meaningful, High-Impact Philanthropy. With Bradley Foundation insights, and opportunities to connect with the brightest minds and most effective nonprofit leaders in the conservative movement, you will join like-minded donors in making informed decisions about your philanthropic giving, decisions that maximize your influence on America ideals and build a stronger America now, and for future generations.

Advance your donor intent here at the Bradley Impact Fund.